Let’s build a fence…

…From Baja California to Brownsville, Texas. I’m ready for the federales to get off their butts and do something to secure our borders; particularly the one with Mexico. I am sick and tired of this invasion on our land and our economy. I don’t want to have to toque dos para ingles cuando hago un llama de telefono anymore.

Now, don’t misunderestimate [sic] me. I am not anti-Mexican. I am not a racist. I have no problem with anyone who wants to come into this country through the LEGAL channels, contribute to THIS economy, and assimilate into OUR culture. My problem lies with those people (and there are a LOT of them in metro Atlanta) who sneak across our borders, refuse to learn our language, set up their little ghettos, and send all their money back to Mexico. Not to mention the violent crime committed by their disaffected, urban gang offspring. Not to mention the increased burden on already overcrowded schools.

Hell, it’s a huge industry for Mexico! Mexican president Vicente Fox actually budgets around the incoming money!
Currently, there are an estimated 3.5 million illegal immigrants in the United States sending an estimated 11 million dollars back to Mexico tax-free. Hell, the Mexican government has even published a comic book that illustrates and instructs Mexicans how to get around the border patrols, get a job, run from la migra, et cetera! They consider the southwestern United States to be Mexican territory “stolen” from them, and are teaching their children that they should move to this region they call “Aztlan” and force secession! This can almost be called an act of war!

On that note, I applaud the Minutemen down there in Arizona. These are citizens who have gotten sick and tired of illegal aliens hopping across the border and taking American jobs–essentially stealing from our law abiding citizens. If I had the time or the means, I would join them in their fight because, like me, they understand that if you want something to fix this country to get done, you CAN NOT rely on the government! They are far too self-absorbed and removed from the real concerns of their constituents to do anything.

The following letter is directed to our elected representatives concerning the issue:

Dear Mr. Bush and members of the 109th Congress of the United States:

Every year, thousands of people come into the United States illegally. These people take jobs away from American citizens while they do not contribute to the American economy or the (dis)function of the American government. These people demand that taxpayers bear the burden of their medical expenses because they do not have health insurance provided by their illicit employers nor do they have the financial means to cover the incurred expenses.

Illegal immigration is a detriment not only to our national economy, but also to national security. Suspected terrorists have, on more than one occasion, been caught crossing the unsecured Mexican border into the United States. These suspects with proven ties to the Al-Qaeda terrorist network are part of the few border runners actually caught each month, which, in turn, are only a small percentage of the throngs of people who make it into this country undetected.

I challenge you, our lawmakers, to stand up in the face of political opposition and do what is necessary and proper to curb this illegal invasion. There are several possible solutions ranging from deploying national guard units to guard the borders during routine desert training exercises to annexing Mexico as soverign American territory. Do what is right for our people, our economy, and our safety.


I also urge all of you to contact your representatives and tell them what you think. This is how America works. Some people just need to be reminded.

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