Is Ignorance Bliss?

It’s quite infuriating exactly how ignorant some people can be. Especially if you, like I do, believe in the importance of an effective education–both in school and at home. A lot of these ignorant persons tend to be along the lines of career welfare recipients, so, of course, they fell like they are entitled to something–anything–just like how the government pays their wages. Of course, they don’t do anything–the government just pays them. It’s all a series of transfer payments, which is just bullshit economics in my opinion.

I guess the impoverished, as I might say, really deserve their lot in life. FOR THE MOST PART. I understand that there are exceptions to every rule, and that there is some percentage of persons that are hard-working and trying to raise themselves to a higher state, but for the most part, the poor deserve to be exactly where they are because of the choices they made in life and their refusal to make anything better of themselves. As a result, I have no qualms about describing the economic benefit that the poor give the rest of us. Think about it–if it were not for people ignorant of their finances, per se, then credit card companies, banks, and other investment companies would have no income and would not be inclined to give the rest of us nice, low interest rates and other perks. With no investment, the economy would stagnate and collapse. Looking at it from a superficial standing, these ignorant masses contribute to the increased standard of living the rest of us enjoy.

That’s what capitalism is all about–it is a system of exploitation.

And I have no problem with that.

It is my opinion that capitalism is a system whereby intelligent people succeed. If you are intelligent, if you are skilled in a particular field–it doesn’t matter whether you are an academic or a blue-collar labourer–as long as you take all steps that are necessary to bring yourself to where you want to be, you will succeed.

Atari out.


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