“What at first was plunder assumed the softer name of revenue.”–Thomas Paine

I just spent the past 4 hours working on my tax returns.  At first thought, I was wary that I would have to pay some $400 to the government, but as I went back over some forms, I was glad to have not only wrestled that $400 away from Big Brother, but another $400 in my favour!  Unfortunately, I owe the State of Georgia some $200 in unpaid income taxes from when I was drawing unemployment compensation last year.  C’est la vie, you can’t win everything–especially when you’re dealing with our imperial overlords.  My advice to all of you, is to pay attention to who you’re sending to “represent” you.  Taxes are the main stage as they affect all of us, but pay attention to how your elected officials handle other matters:  eminent domain abuse, immigration legislation, local ordinances, etc.

To address taxes in more detail, pay attention to how your tax dollars are allocated both locally and nationally.  The idiot residents of my home, Cobb County, recently ok’ed a new SPLOST tax to improve roads, build crosswalks, etc., oh yeah, and by the way, we’re gonna take that money and *ahem*renovate the county jail.  Funny thing is, the referendum only passed by a simple numerical majority–the snooty rich part of town had all the “yes” votes at a scant few precincts, while the rest of the county (the true majority) voted overwhelmingly “no.”  I find amusement here because it’s the opposite of the common example of ignorant tirades against the electoral college (“I won the popular vote, so I should be the winner!”).  I could go all night into the differences between the two situations and into why I believe that we should reform the federal structure of our governing bodies, but that’s for another time.

One final note:  check out ideas on tax reform.  My personal favourite is Congressman John Linder’s Fair Tax, a system that replaces all current tax liabilities with a simple national retail sales tax.  It’s easy, and your dollar ends up going a lot further.  Not to mention boosts to the national revenue from foreign tourism, massive economic growth due to eliminating business taxes, and illegal aliens will finally have to support the country that they so pervasively exploit!  Do a little research and come up with a plan that you think will help–anything is better than the 16,845-page train wreck we have now.

Atari out.


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