Google Wants To Be Zuckerberg’s Big Brother

He did it.  He won the victory over himself.  He loved Big Brother.

George Orwell, 1984

Google is watching you.In a turn of events that one might argue a little unnerving, Google announced that it will soon be crawling your public Facebook posts.  For me, as a person who understands the permanence of the Web, this comes as no real surprise.  I think that most of the fear and, therefore, outcry will come from the huddled masses (mostly teenagers and young adults) who mainly tend to use Facebook as a public platform for whining about their interpersonal problems/issues/drama.  Personally, I believe that sort of venting is why God invented the pub.

Twitter has been Google searchable for some time now, and it only makes sense that Facebook finally let the ‘bots crawl all over it’s walled garden.  After all, the whole network has long been just a farm ground for paid advertisers, and Zuck himself has referred to his own customers as “dumb fucks.”

It’s also worth noting that this initiative will also affect other networks that may or may not require a log-in to view comments (Disqus, et al) because of the way the process utilizes (exploits) HTML standards.  For a company that maintains that they can “make money without doing evil” as part of their fundamental philosophy, this is a rather odd step for Google–twisting a set of guidelines that has long been the “gentleman’s agreement” concerning the way requests are handled across the Web.

My advice, at least for now, is to keep the drama off the social networks.  If you need to vent, call your mates.  In the mean time, adjust your privacy settings, opt out of any 3rd-party marketing initiatives, and mind what how you comment on others’ posts–they may not have the same privacy settings as you.

Read the full article here (via Wired)

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