A Few Words From Mr. Macintosh

Remember that terrible 1990’s Disney movie, Blank Check? Well, Mr. Macintosh does, and he isn’t too happy with the result.


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  1. I so dont get the reference, but that’s because its me. The 90s was a terrible decade for disney. If it wasn’t for people so dedicated, such as john lasseter, Disney wouldn’t be where it is today

    • We’re talking TERRIBLE 1990’s live-action Disney. It seems like all their efforts were going into the “renaissance” pieces (Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin) while their live-action nonsense was becoming just that–nonsense. The exception to this rule: The Mighty Ducks. Unfortunately, for every Mighty Ducks (and there were only two that were palatable), there was a Blank Check, Jungle 2 Jungle, or The Santa Clause to ruin the potential wave.

      If you really want to cringe, I’ll see if I can’t find a copy of this stinking heap.

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