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desenrascanço \thə-‘zə-rəsh-kənz\ noun, Portuguese

1. disentanglement

“Desenrascanço”…is a Portuguese word used, in common language, to express the ability to solve a problem without having the adequate tools to do so by use of imaginative resources or by applying knowledge to new situations…Desenrascanço is not necessarily the lack of adequate planning, but the concept of managing an unforeseen problem so that it does not become completely out of control or without solution.


Matthew “Atari” Eargle is a commercially certificated helicopter pilot currently finishing a degree in aviation management and a member of Alpha Eta Rho fraternity. He is one-half of the creative team behind the hit webcomic Victor 70 (victor70.comicgenesis.com) and writes the semi-regular lifestyle blog Zen And The Art Of Desenrascanço (airbornesurfer.wordpress.com). Originally, he studied drama under artistic director Prodan Dimov and music from Dr. Scott Weiss. Matthew has previously performed with musical acts Two-Way Mirror, The Ben Windstar Project, and The Saoco Jazz Septet, comedian/magician Brian Brushwood’s Bizarre Magic show, as well as improvisational comedy troupe SwordPlay and the sketch comedy team Angst Haben. He has served as editor for the humor magazine Slackers, Inc. and his works have been well-received in various publications nationwide. Matthew enjoys surfing, Anaheim Ducks hockey, and has found Carmen Sandiego on at least two occasions. Find him on Twitter @airbornesurfer.


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