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What About Me: An Infographic (October 2012)

What About Me: An Infographic (September 2012)

Starting to collect some interesting data from these infographics generated by Intel, here is number 4 in the series:

What About Me: An Infographic (August 2012)

Here is the third installment in what is, definitively, a series. I’ll do these as long as the website is available, then start extrapolating some information after I have at least a year’s worth (or as many as I can manage).

What About Me: An Infographic (July 2012)

I did one of these courtesy of Intel last month, and thought it might be interesting to compare and contrast how things have changed over the course of a month.  I think I’ll continue to monitor these data as long as the site hosting the app stays alive.

What About Me: An Infographic (June 2012)

My First Award

Well, it is surely a surprise and an honour to come back from a lengthy vacation and be notified that I’ve been nominated for the coveted WordPress Sunshine Award.  I do appreciate the recognition, and I hope that some of my blogging efforts have brought a world of sunshine into somoene’s life.  My thanks to Dianna on her nominating me.  I read her blog regularly and I come to note that she embodies the spirit of the Sunshine Award, and I will certainly do my best to continue this tradition here at Zen and The Art of Desenrascanço.  Keep the blue part on top, and once again, thank you, Dianna.

Now, as tradition with the award, there is a short interview that comes with it:

What is your favourite colour?  #0050A0

What is your favourite number?  Eleven

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?  A proper cuppa tea.

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  As an absolute matter, I prefer Twitter.  Twitter is a much more streamlined service and allows me to see information more efficiently than Facebook.  Twitter, I feel, is much more interactive than Facebook because it’s open and searchable versus Facebook’s “walled garden” approach that has, only recently, started playing well with search engines.  Also, I don’t get harangued by incessant Zynga game invites while I’m cruising the Twitters.

What would you say is your passion?  Flying.  Flying and entertaining.  Flying and entertaining and creating things.  If I could be a professional pilot/lounge singer/performance artist that managed a few DIY projects on the side, I think my life would be complete.

Do you prefer to give presents or receive them?  It gives me great pleasure to find someone a gift that suits them in such a way that they are thrilled and blindsided by it.  As long as it is within my means, giving is always more rewarding to me.

What is your favourite pattern?  The Fibonacci Sequence.

What is your favourite day of the week?  Days of the week are arbitrary.  I like any day where I’m simply enjoying myself.

What is your favourite flower?  A Fire Flower from Super Mario Brothers.

Finally, I must nominate a new batch of recipients for the Sunshine Award:

The Jumping Off Point
J. Thornburgh Artistry
Everywhere Once
Inspired Weight Loss

The Gopher Dance

A quick clip of my animatronic Caddyshack gopher dancing to Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Alright.”  Apparently, this is my second most popular video on YouTube:

So, that being the case, I appeal to all my readers (yes, all 3.14 bajillion of you) out there to help me bump up the numbers a little.  Please, check out the videos.  Watch, share, like, comment.  That being the case, please show a little love here on the blarg as well.  I know you’re out there, and I really do appreciate the “likes”, the retweets, and the #FF mentions on Twitter (and even the likes and shares on Facebook)!  You guys are what make it all possible!  Now, in the meantime, I’ve got a lot of content lined up, so stay tuned and tell your friends!

Google Wants To Be Zuckerberg’s Big Brother

He did it.  He won the victory over himself.  He loved Big Brother.

George Orwell, 1984

Google is watching you.In a turn of events that one might argue a little unnerving, Google announced that it will soon be crawling your public Facebook posts.  For me, as a person who understands the permanence of the Web, this comes as no real surprise.  I think that most of the fear and, therefore, outcry will come from the huddled masses (mostly teenagers and young adults) who mainly tend to use Facebook as a public platform for whining about their interpersonal problems/issues/drama.  Personally, I believe that sort of venting is why God invented the pub.

Twitter has been Google searchable for some time now, and it only makes sense that Facebook finally let the ‘bots crawl all over it’s walled garden.  After all, the whole network has long been just a farm ground for paid advertisers, and Zuck himself has referred to his own customers as “dumb fucks.”

It’s also worth noting that this initiative will also affect other networks that may or may not require a log-in to view comments (Disqus, et al) because of the way the process utilizes (exploits) HTML standards.  For a company that maintains that they can “make money without doing evil” as part of their fundamental philosophy, this is a rather odd step for Google–twisting a set of guidelines that has long been the “gentleman’s agreement” concerning the way requests are handled across the Web.

My advice, at least for now, is to keep the drama off the social networks.  If you need to vent, call your mates.  In the mean time, adjust your privacy settings, opt out of any 3rd-party marketing initiatives, and mind what how you comment on others’ posts–they may not have the same privacy settings as you.

Read the full article here (via Wired)


Could it possibly be that I’ve succumb to the social media craze du jour that is Twitter?


It would seem that Twitter is a little more than an–excuse the expression–fly-by-night social media site.  Yeah, it’s been around for a while now and everybody and their sibling, cousin, and grandparent uses it, so I figured I should get in on the act.  At least as far as the blogging goes.  Simply put, I’m giving it a trial run.  Now that everything has become so intertwined (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.), it’s easy for me to update one on the run via the good ol’ Tweet.

So here’s the plan:

WordPress already updates Facebook with new blog posts, so Twitter updates will go directly into WordPress.  Granted, this may mean that WordPress will show some odd musings in 149 characters or less, but I think being off-topic and random is more in line with the spirit of this blog.  At least, it’s more in line with my character.

Let me know what you think.


Being a denizen of the Web for over *shudder* 15 years, I’ve come to notice that I have a lot of junk profiles just laying around. My brilliant idea last night was to consolidate them into a neat package (along with my laptop and Blackberry) so as to provide myself the neatest, tightest Web footprint possible. I’m also in the midst of changing my online identity–having used the same one since 1998. Nevermind the motives, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Facebook remains the hub of all my social networking.
Sites like and YouTube get revised and updated with a new login.
Extraneous Google accounts get 86’d.
Extraneous GMail accounts get forwarded to my new primary address.
Sites I rarely never use anymore like Yahoo! and MySpace get the 86.

The other brilliant idea I had was a sort of universal login where I could bypass login screens for the various sites I use. Firefox has the universal password feature, but I want something that will authenticate on all the servers with one login (because, frankly, I’m too lazy to click something again). I did a little surfing and came across OpenID, and it looks like a promising solution. More to come with further research.