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Update 2013-3-22

I made a new YouTube video! I haven’t done one in 5 months!

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See you in 5 months…. (God, I hope not!)

Creativity Juice

So, Drake, Hammy, and I–on a lark–started a new podcast last night. Entitled Afterburn, so far it’s a humorous look at aviation news while we rant about various topics and whatever happens to come to mind. Think Top Gear meets Diggnation but about planes and helicopters instead of cars.

I came to an all-too-important realization today while I was trying to write up bios for each of us, and that was that I should always do my word processing in a local file before typing directly into a browser window. Yes, internet common sense, I know, but I was running on some 3 hours of sleep, nursing a hangover, and fueled more by mania than anything else. That being said, I’m typing into a TextEdit window now before I do all the nifty formatting things in the WordPress publisher.

I’ve been on a little bit of a creative kick as of late–doing various projects that seem to satisfy that little creative spark I get every so often. Sketchuary, I guess, was a warm-up. For those of you who don’t know, I tried to start the Sketchuary project of a sketch a day for all of February. I made it about seven days, then promptly lost any time and energy I had set aside for it as the production of Anna In The Tropics drew ever-closer. I tried to catch up while on vacation in California (mainly by sitting in the relative comfort of Disney California Adventure’s Animation Workshop and being taught how to sketch various characters), but still only managed another three or four sketches.

Needless to say, this blog post is coming out of this creative mania. I have a few artsy projects lined up, and a few completed. I’ve already done a few frame jobs, and I have a couple of collages to do (one of Las Vegas souvenirs, another of Tron stuff from DCA, and yet more of squadron patches I got tired of keeping locked away in my firebox). I’m seriously considering more podcasty things to do, but I think the blog is pretty effective right now. Maybe if I get more interesting posts, I’ll be able to attract some followers?

I know I keep saying “expect more,” and rarely deliver; I’ll refrain from that this time, and simply say that I’m excited to stay busy with more creative projects–maybe my natural zest for showmanship will fuel a desire to keep showing off even the most inane things.

Meanwhile, keep an eye open for Twitter posts and feel free to browse my plethora of diversions scattered about to the four winds:


My friends, it has come to my attention that WordPress offers a much better product to fit with the style I want this blog to evolve into. Entries will continue as often as possible, but with a much nicer interface. I am also combining this blog with my personal blog under a common domain,

It is my hope that you enjoy my ramblings in addition to other sorts of geekery that my blog will continue to provide.

Dispatches From The Front Lines

Grandiose Schemes, Phase One:

As the little yellow house has become a veritable storage shed, I have taken it upon myself to thin out and discard (sell, donate) anything of mine that is not of any intrinsic value to me. At the same time, I’m actually making use of those things that are of intrinsic value. It still makes me sad going through a lot of it, but it’s part of pulling myself–kicking and screaming, if needed–into the present and future. This project and it’s sub-parts constitutes phase one of the “Grandiose Schemes.” It’s kind of a “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy of mine that, at one time, I tried to live by–then I became a pack-rat. Fortunately, the advent of digital technology and media storage has enabled me to dispense with much of my physical media (videos, music, books, etc.) in favour of digital copies. The fire also helped with the whole “need to cull” mindset.

Part One: Conversion Box
In order to actually partake of this daring scheme, I must first build a media conversion box to handle all the rendering necessary to make these transitions happen. It will also have to run on *shudder* Windows because I will need the software support for my input devices.

Part Two: Vinyl and Cassette to MP3
I have some 3 crates of vinyl albums and a case full of audio cassettes stowed in the house. My goal is to have them all converted to MP3 so I can actually enjoy them without the hassle of transporting them, storing them, or setting up a record player whenever I want to hear them. I’ve completed two similar projects already with backing up my DVDs and CDs. This will simply prove to be more tedious.

Part Three: VHS to AVI
I still have a bag full of VHS tapes to convert to a digital format for editing and storage. This will be nearly as tedious as the audio, but not as time-consuming as there is less to convert.

Part Four: Scanning photos
Boxes of them. Finally make use of my scanner.

Part Five: Disposal
Anything I have that is not of any intrinsic value to me will be either sold, donated, or given away to those who would find intrinsic value in the items. I have already made several hundred dollars on Amazon, and that is keeping my head above water for the time being. Nadia’s things will be boxed-up and delivered at some point when everything is finished.

Something big is (hopefully) on the horizon….

Well, things are going all right for the time being, I s’pose. My back hurts for no apparent reason, but I’m surviving. I’ve got a lot happening right now, so time comes a little bit at a premium right now. I hope that everything I’m working on can manifest itself successfully. Sorry for being so incredibly vague, but I’m not quite sure which way certain things are going and I don’t want to get myself too hyped-up over anything just in case plans fall through. In any case, just wish me luck, and I will kep you all apprised of what develops as things begin to clarify. Just a few of the things going on: A new educational and career endeavour. Promotions and raises. Financial endeavours. Organisational endeavours. Personal enrichment endeavours. Home improvement endeavours. As many of you know, I was promoted to assistant manager at Vitamin World, bringing with it a mediocre but impactful raise. It’s a nice bonus, as it helps to bring financial enrichment a little more quickly. It’s my goal to get Bank of America out of my life as soon as possible (more on this to be saved for a later number–in the meantime, check out Clark for one motive). I also have a modest amount of credit card debt amassed since buying the house (they nickel-and-dime you to pieces when you purchase one) which I need to pay off. I don’t need CCCS or anything, just patience and prudence. One of my more daunting projects in recent years was to digitize my entire CD collection (some 270+ discs) so I would have random access to almost all my music in one, convienent location (and so I could load my iPod more easily). Now that I am moved into the house and have more available physical space–more “elbow room,” if you will–I have addressed the question of the remainder of my music collection: Digitizing my LP records, 45’s, and cassettes. I don’t have quite the number of them as I have compact discs, but there is much more work involved: recording the album to the computer, cutting each track, encoding to mp3 format, importing into my iTunes library, and finally writing ID3 tags. Needless to say, it’s quite time-consuming, but I’ve managed to complete 14 LP’s in only a few days. The worst part about this project is that it kinda makes my computer bleed with all the processing power it requires. Not so much the power, but the load–and what a load! That’s about all for now. More to come as things progress.

In case you haven’t noticed

Yeah, I haven’t made an entry here in nearly a year. That’s because I’ve moved my entire presence over to MySpace, Photobucket, and (coming soon) YouTube. I’m working on a Dispatches podcast that should be up and running soonish. LJ, while it has been good to me as a free blog host, does not allow for the advertising and feedback that MS can offer. Maybe once in a while I’ll blog here, but since most of my readers are on MS, it seems that is where I need to concentrate my efforts.

Atari out.

Dispatches From The Front Lines at MySpace

The Current State of Things to Come (and Other Rhetoric)

It’s been an eventful last few days–a busy last few days.  I started my job at Vitamin World this week; it’s interesting–I’ve had no less than 6 people in two days wanting “detox” products which I cannot sell them because they are going to use them for a drug test.  It’s against the law, I can’t do it.  Other than a few altercations with some of the more belligerent aspects of the otherwise mellow drug crowd, Nadia and I have been rather busy going from place to place getting information on housing and visiting family and just getting things done.

Anyway, the point I was [trying to make] here was that I wanted to alert anyone who cared that I realise that the last three posts were just recycled points of interest from the great wide Interweb and not anything spectacular or all that personal.  I’m sorry–the writing bug just hasn’t hit me in the past couple days, so I just posted some stuff that I thought was interesting to keep the pace going.  I have a goal of blogging at least once every day, so I’ve got to keep things moving; however, I do have a sense of entertainment, so I want to keep everything as interesting as possible.  This is where I encourage comments and feedback.  A simple “that’s neat” or “booooorrrrriiiiiiinnnng!” will suffice for me, but I do like to see that people are reading.  It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  I understand that many of you are just as busy if not more so, so I won’t make it a demand or some such arrogant nonsense–you all should know me better than that!

Anyway, that was really the point [?] I wanted to address.  I will attempt to blog daily with at least something be it something interesting I saw or read or, if we’re all really lucky, a nice article from yours truly!  Also, I will attempt to comment on any and all blogs that I am able to (turnabout is fair play, after all).

As for the current state of other projects:

BEN WINDSTAR:  gaining momentum, will start working on new music when I have the time, please add yourselves to the map if not done so already
HOUSING:  found a new apartment, moving in July
JOB:  got one, supposed to start another next week–need to make a phone call
PASSPORT CLUB:  Pledge status, 7 unique pint glasses in collection–duplicates for sale, contact me if interested

A Bright Idea

Ok, so I got these tapes, and I had this brilliant idea that I’m going to pull out the old microcassette recorder that I had in high school and I was going to use it to record my thoughts as I was just wandering around. I don’t have anything to write them down on–I don’t even think very well when I’m writing, anyway. The best thing I can do is to just talk and ramble on and edit as necessary.