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What About Me: An Infographic (November 2012)


What About Me: An Infographic (October 2012)

August Photo A Day Challenge (2012)

This is the end result of a Twitter photography project I undertook during August this year. The task was simple: each day, take one photo that fits the theme with a mobile phone and upload it to Twitter. Simple, but daunting. It was a task in and of itself to remember the project and find suitable subjects for each photo. Regardless, I finished the requisite 31 photos and compiled them into a collage that fits the month’s calendar.

What About Me: An Infographic (September 2012)

Starting to collect some interesting data from these infographics generated by Intel, here is number 4 in the series:

What About Me: An Infographic (August 2012)

Here is the third installment in what is, definitively, a series. I’ll do these as long as the website is available, then start extrapolating some information after I have at least a year’s worth (or as many as I can manage).

Independence Day 2012

I just wanted to get back on track today with a quick roundup of the “best of the web” that I could find celebrating US Independence Day.  I figure a nice little meme gallery might be interesting to come back to in the future.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson comments on the state of American education in light of the early-morning Higgs boson announcement.

“It’s a salute to all nations, but mostly America.” –Sam the Eagle

“Richard Hammond is secretly an American.” –Jeremy Clarkson

An SMG-wielding Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor into battle. Your argument is invalid.

Another vintage warning. This one is sure to capture some attention.

Definitely a win.

Seriously, what could be more patriotic?

Bruce Springsteen Cat will conquer Communism with Cuteness.

Ah, Philosoraptor, you are full of wisdom.

Just remember, giving up your freedom means you love freedom.


It would be nice, wouldn’t it?

That’s it for this year’s ID4 round-up, kiddies!  Hope everyone who celebrated had a safe celebration.  If you didn’t, I wish your eyebrows a speedy regrowth and hope you make the most of that prosthetic hand!

My First Award

Well, it is surely a surprise and an honour to come back from a lengthy vacation and be notified that I’ve been nominated for the coveted WordPress Sunshine Award.  I do appreciate the recognition, and I hope that some of my blogging efforts have brought a world of sunshine into somoene’s life.  My thanks to Dianna on her nominating me.  I read her blog regularly and I come to note that she embodies the spirit of the Sunshine Award, and I will certainly do my best to continue this tradition here at Zen and The Art of Desenrascanço.  Keep the blue part on top, and once again, thank you, Dianna.

Now, as tradition with the award, there is a short interview that comes with it:

What is your favourite colour?  #0050A0

What is your favourite number?  Eleven

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?  A proper cuppa tea.

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?  As an absolute matter, I prefer Twitter.  Twitter is a much more streamlined service and allows me to see information more efficiently than Facebook.  Twitter, I feel, is much more interactive than Facebook because it’s open and searchable versus Facebook’s “walled garden” approach that has, only recently, started playing well with search engines.  Also, I don’t get harangued by incessant Zynga game invites while I’m cruising the Twitters.

What would you say is your passion?  Flying.  Flying and entertaining.  Flying and entertaining and creating things.  If I could be a professional pilot/lounge singer/performance artist that managed a few DIY projects on the side, I think my life would be complete.

Do you prefer to give presents or receive them?  It gives me great pleasure to find someone a gift that suits them in such a way that they are thrilled and blindsided by it.  As long as it is within my means, giving is always more rewarding to me.

What is your favourite pattern?  The Fibonacci Sequence.

What is your favourite day of the week?  Days of the week are arbitrary.  I like any day where I’m simply enjoying myself.

What is your favourite flower?  A Fire Flower from Super Mario Brothers.

Finally, I must nominate a new batch of recipients for the Sunshine Award:

The Jumping Off Point
J. Thornburgh Artistry
Everywhere Once
Inspired Weight Loss

The Gopher Dance

A quick clip of my animatronic Caddyshack gopher dancing to Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Alright.”  Apparently, this is my second most popular video on YouTube:

So, that being the case, I appeal to all my readers (yes, all 3.14 bajillion of you) out there to help me bump up the numbers a little.  Please, check out the videos.  Watch, share, like, comment.  That being the case, please show a little love here on the blarg as well.  I know you’re out there, and I really do appreciate the “likes”, the retweets, and the #FF mentions on Twitter (and even the likes and shares on Facebook)!  You guys are what make it all possible!  Now, in the meantime, I’ve got a lot of content lined up, so stay tuned and tell your friends!

This Voicemail Is Now Diamonds!

While watching the Old Spice Guy-Fabio Mano a Mano in El Baño videos a few days ago, I came across a curious link that was so outlandish that I had to try it!  Apparently, some clever sound hounds and code monkeys over at Reddit built a soundboard that will assemble various clips from Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) into your very own custom voicemail message.

Here’s mine:

Also, if you missed all the hijinks from the July 26 viral marketing campaign, you can catch up at Old Spice’s YouTube channel.  I would highly suggest–nay, I demand it!


(For the record, I voted for Old Spice Guy)

Regarding Winnipeg and the Thrashers (A Twitter Dialog)

I was catching up on the Twitterverse earlier, when I noticed the following tweet regarding an appeal for the NHL to schedule one Winnipeg preseason game in Philips Arena so that Atlanta fans could say goodbye to their team.

@mrwpg stated:

 Imagine #thrashers fans suggesting the NHL failed by not scheduling a Wpg ex-game in Atl so fans can say bye to THEIR team? #SOLD #gojetsgo

To which I had to reply:

@mrwpg It was OUR team from their inception. YOUR team is still in Glendale. Enjoy that stat book, we’ll all be cheering as the #Preds THRASH your unnamed team. Have some class, asshat. Eh? #kissmyblackass #gojetsgo #Thrashers

Then @mrwpg offered the following rebuttal:

@thegeekshite you do have a point there. Sadly YOUR team had too few fans and nobody wanted to buy the ATL money-losing franchise. #SOLD

Not one to let the facts be ignored or to step down from a fight, I countered with a combination of formal statement of facts as well as an emotional appeal:

@mrwpg I’m not going to start some ridiculous flaming argument here, but know that it wasn’t just “a lack of fans supporting the team.” There were lots of factors: #badmanagement at the franchise (& league) level, lack of local gov’t support, competition with other–better entrenched–sports, different culture/values, & lack of viable investors. Yeah, maybe the #thrashers didn’t have the mainstream appeal that the #winnipegjets had, but they had fans–just like the Knights & Flames before them–and they were & are rabid fans. We were there for 11 years. We fought for our team, just like you fought for yours. We invested our money, our time, and our emotion into the team. Maybe we didn’t sell out every home game, but we did manage to sell seats in comparable numbers to your Jets. When the Jets left for Glendale, you got a swan song–a “last dance.” When the sale of the Thrashers went through, we got a door slammed in the face. Remember that next time you want to gloat. #dontbeadouche #BETEOPOD #gojetsgo

I like to think that this ended the argument at a draw, at least, and a mutual understanding at best. This whole Thrashers mess has been hell on a lot of us fans, and while we may point fingers and yell at each other across the northern border, the point here is that our team is gone—taken away in a hasty closed-door sale that reeks of corporate mismanagement. Yes, Winnipeg, you “won,” but because of seemingly shady dealings on your behalf. I’m sure it was a similar situation when you lost the Jets to Phoenix: full of woe, anguish, and anger that something you identified with so strongly and invested your love as well as your life into has been ripped out from under you.

I’m certainly not above nationalistic, regionalistic, or even localised trash talk. Such raillery is good in competition, but it can be detrimental after the match is over. This is the point I was trying to make. I’m not happy about losing my Thrashers, and I’m certainly not going to root for whatever Winnipeg decides to call their team, but I’m not going to go about spewing hate-filled drivel, and I will assuredly not suffer a sore winner who persists in gloating over an accomplishment they had no hand in or knowledge of the facts surrounding. I will still sing “Blame Canada,” laugh at their silly hats, and poke fun of their accents, but only because I did that before and because I’m sure that they quip about me being a gun-toting, truck-driving redneck with a funny accent. It’s understood. It’s mutual. It’s fair.

Don’t make it personal, guys.